> OpenChem Workbench Screen Shots

Examples and Screen Shots

Below are a few screen shots showing OpenChem Workbench in action.

Viewing benzene

Here we see benzene in the MoleculeViewer with the Tools menu open. The Molecules tree is visible on the left.

Importing NASA formatted molecules

NASA formatted molecules are being imported to the OpenChem Workbench database. The first column contains molecules new to the database. The middle column contains a molecule which is probably already in the database (its molecular formula matches existing molecules) and the user has matched the import molecule to "Benzene"; this means that the imported molecule's NASA formatted thermodynamic data (its thermfit)will be appended to the existing Benzene's data. The checkbox at the bottom lets the user name the set of thermodynamic data imported (see thermset), a default name with time stamp is provided.

On the left the Project tree is visible. Projects are OpenChem Workbench folders for organizing a user's data.